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The purpose of the Suutari Family society is to act as a link among the family of Suutari members, to keep in contact between the  separate branches of the family and the members, to conduct the genealogy and to collect, to file and to share genealogy information and tradition information and stories which are related to the Suutari family and this way promotes the feeling of belonging together among the members of families. Furthermore, publishing activity which promotes the carrying out of the purpose of the company can be practiced.

The family society arranges common meetings, trips, family reunions and other occasions and holds family meetings regularly. Come and join the Suutari Family Society!

The Suutari Family Society founded in a constitutive meeting that has been held during the 9th day of September 1994 in Kajaani. At the meeting the charter of the family society was signed and the rules were accepted. The domicile of the society is Sotkamo in Finland. The establishment of the family society started on the 20th day of July 1991 when Mrs. Kerttu Korhonen and Mrs. Irja Sirviö invited Juho Reeti and Fredrika Suutari’ grand children to Sotkamo to the common celebration of the cousins day. There were altogether 67 participants in this meeting. In this meeting was elected a commission whose task was arranging the common meeting of Suutari Family members. Next time we assembled together on the 9th day of July 1994 when was decided to establish Family Society on Mr. Onni Sarvikivi's proposal supported by Mrs. Irja Sirviö, Mrs. Siiri Ronkainen, Mrs. Liisa Leinonen, Mrs. Liisa Juntunen, Mr. Seppo Sammelvuo, Mr. Heikki Sarvikivi and Mr. Jukka Suutari.
Mrs. Siiri Ronkainen's had already earlier independently began genealogy, which is extremely praiseworthy and had required much work. This work also affected the establishment of the family society as a significant stimulus which also led to the publication of the genealogy.
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